HCG Diet Plan

The HCG diet is a kind of weight loss program that is based on many years of research by Dr. ATW Simmeons and promises to help dieters lose at least one pound per day. This diet meal plan has allowed millions of people to rapidly lose weight and keep away with the weight. The diet combines HCG (Human Chronicle Gonadotropin hormone) with a low calorie diet (500 Calorie per day). In the mid 1950s Dr. Simmeons discovered that small doses of HCG given to overweight people would cut down their appetite thereby making them lose inches particularly around their thighs, hips, stomach and buttocks. Today, hundreds of thousands of individuals (both men and women) have made use of HCG for weight loss. This diet can be used to lose weight in obese individuals and those that want to shed out a few unwanted or unhealthy pounds.

When an individual takes HCG, his/her body would tap into the stored fat and use it for energy. When this is combined with a calorie delimited diet, such individual will subsist more on his/her stored fat than whatever his consuming, thus burning 3500-4000 calories of stored fat per day which results in losing more than one pound daily. One big advantage of HCG diet meal plan is that the dieter can feel very comfortable consuming just 500 calories daily whilst taking the HCG supplement. Although as the patient appetite is decreased while on HCG diet, most people believe they are stuffing themselves on 500 calories whereas some other people wonder if they can still feel hungry after taking 500 calories; as such, they would lose motivation to remain on the diet.

However, HCG meal plan helps dieters to feel very satisfied after taking the 500 calories. This is the result of HCG instructing the hypothalamus to discharge 3000-4000 calories out of the stored fat in the body. This diet meal plan must be followed rigorously to guarantee an efficient result. Taking diets of this low calorie without taking the HCG supplement will only result in problems within two to three days. These problems may include lethargy, loss of mental clarity, insomnia, severe fatigue, headache and so forth which are the knock-on effects of starvation. The major motivational factor of HCG diet is the quick result you will observe when you are on this diet plan. If you ask those that are on this plan, they would tell you that it is very easy for them to remain motivated while they actually watch all the inches and pounds fall of their body. They feel better and sleep sounder than they did before commencing the plan.

If you are meaning to commence the HCG diet meal plan, one important fact you should understand is that you need to be ready for it. As I have already mentioned, this diet plan is restrictive, as a result you must ensure that you are actually ready to stick to the allowable foods to guarantee quick and accurate result. Below are some tips to consider before commencing this diet plan.

  • Ensure that you really take time to prepare yourself. This is because the initial stage of the diet plan is usually tense for dieters as the body begins to adjust
  • Before commencing HCG diet plan, ensure that you get in touch with a physician or dietician to access your overall body condition, thus you will know the amounts of weight you can safely lose
  • The initial phase is termed the loading phase that lasts for one or two days. It is the stage where you consume whatever you want to be able to heap up on essential nutrients and energy that will see you through the remaining days (18-19 days) of the program
  • After the initial phase (loading phase), the second phase (calorie restriction phase) starts. This is the most essential stage of the plan where the actual work lies and you will eliminate most of your favorite foods from your diet. At this stage, you will be required to reduce your overall calorie consumption to 500 calories and at the same time, taking your HCG supplement frequently.

Some other things to know about HCG diet meal plan include

HCG Diet Plan

  • You must ensure that all your sweeteners and personal products are HCG friendly
  • Carefully weigh your allowed proteins
  • Weigh yourself every morning at a specific time
  • Look for activities that would erase the thought of food from your mind
  • Try not to make up your lost calories
  • You don’t cheat when you are on this diet plan else, you will set back yourself with days or weeks
  • The weight loss process can be delayed by moisturizers, lotions and creams as a result, you don’t use them
  • Don’t drink liquids other than allowable ones
  • Also, you don’t chew gums or lick mints as they can stall the entire process

The Benefits of HCG Diet Meal Plan

There are various benefits of making use of the HCG diet plan. All these benefits should be well-thought-out before deciding if it is the right plan for you.

  • Fast Weight Loss: quick weight loss is one of the major benefits of this special diet plan. It allows dieters to lose weight in short time. Studies have shown that dieters on this plan can lose up to 2 lbs per day
  • Another thing about this diet plan is convenience. In some years back, dieters could only try this plan on prescribed injections. But today, the HCG oral drops have been proven to be very effective in weight loss
  • Dieters that follow through with the HCG diet plan maintenance program will be able to keep up with the loss of weight. In other word, dieters do experience long term success in the plan
  • Own to the restrictive nature of this plan, dieters would experience unique changes for the better in their overall health
  • The HCG diet plan eliminates the liking for sugar-rich-products and sets off the liking towards foods like fresh vegetables and fruits which highly improves individual’s health

In conclusion, the HCG diet meal plan is an effective weight loss program that an overweight individual can use and quickly see the result. But it is highly essential to take time to understand this diet plan which is the best way to healthy life and keep up with the loss of weight.